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Digital Marketing Software & Cloud-Based Solutions - Milestone Inc.

Digital Marketing Software and Cloud-Based Solutions for Your Businesses

The Milestone Presence Cloud puts you in control with all the digital marketing tools you need in one easy, seamless platform. Our enterprise-grade, cloud-based suite helps businesses manage their entire digital marketing strategy. Manage and publish content, update your business information across the digital landscape, monitor reputation, and maintain a strong competitive position with enterprise-level digital marketing analytics, business intelligence tools, and content development insights.
Milestone Presence Cloud

What is the Milestone Presence Cloud?

The Milestone Presence Cloud combines content management, enterprise-grade schema management, voice search, reviews management, competitive insights, and digital marketing analytics into one cohesive, cloud-based platform. The Presence Cloud leverages an enterprise-grade architecture and features a unique "write-once, publish-anywhere" approach.
Milestone clients publish their business information and critical consumer-facing messaging in one central platform in an advanced schema-rich format across the entire digital spectrum. The Milestone Presence Cloud replaces dozens of individual software components that digital marketers often struggle to manage.

Take control of your digital world with the
Milestone Presence Cloud

To keep pace with changing consumer behaviors and drive traffic to your website or physical business, you need seamless control of the digital presence. No matter where or how consumers search, you need to be visible with a consistent and compelling message. The Milestone Presence Cloud is your total omnichannel solution.
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