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Milestone CMS Features -- Flexibility, Speed, Mobile and Search Friendliness

The Milestone content management system makes it easy to drive traffic and conversions. Our CMS platform guarantees your website, and your content are tagged for voice, image, and entity search and ensures an engaging mobile-first experience.
Get the CMS features you need to create unique websites that get your business found and converts traffic to revenue with the best SEO CMS platform on the market.
Make your web presence known with leading-edge technology with industry-firsts like built-in schema, AMP technology, ADA conformity, mobile responsive adaptability, and unmatched speeds. Milestone's award-winning CMS is the fastest and most flexible cloud-based software for your business with the capability to create, optimize, and measure for max performance and return on investment.
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Milestone CMS - Built In SEO Platform

Built-in SEO CMS features

Our CMS platform is built with search engine optimization in mind. Our web content management system makes it easier for search engines to understand the site structure, meaning, and attributes.
  • Automatic updating of the XML sitemap
  • Helps search engine crawlers index the site.
  • Optimizing image and code compression.
  • Most effective voice and visual search optimization on the market
  • Milestone Local provides consistent local data from your business hours, map listings, and FAQs to hundreds of local sites, all linking back to your website.
  • When you need a web content management system that puts you ahead of your competitors, you need Milestone’s CMS.
Milestone CMS Built Schemas and Visual Search Optimization

Schemas and visual search optimization

Schema is a logical organization of website content so that search engines can understand the information's meaning and hierarchy. Schema helps explain which content relates to a product, a person, a thing, a question, and many other business attributes.
Our CMS platform has 280+ built-in schemas to make your job easier. As the CMS author or content creator enters new text and images into the Milestone CMS, those fields are automatically tagged for schema markup.
The Milestone CMS is powerful with built-in and automated schema mechanisms for new websites, making it faster, accurate, and the ability to quickly update web content with's latest versions. You no longer have to remove schemas manually from your existing sites; our CMS can automatically generate and remove schemas through a website's tag manager.
We also offer "Speakable Schemas." This type of schema was explicitly designed to organize text-to-speech content that can be delivered through intelligent voice agents like Amazon Alexa or Google's Assistant, often in response to a user's spoken query.
Without voice schema markup, a voice-activated search may only give search results of a name/address listing instead of an in-depth spoken textual description.
The Milestone CSM automatically prepares images and video for visual search. Google, Pinterest, and many others are pioneering users' ability to search for images online. Our CMS automatically tags your site images, so they're ready for today's visual search - making it easy for non-technical users.
Milestone CMS - Built for creating robust mobile site presence

The best CMS solution for increased mobile traffic

  • Mobile traffic is dominating the digital landscape, and that will continue as higher wireless speeds become available. Currently, about 60% of website traffic is from mobile devices.
  • The Milestone CMS is built to create a robust mobile-specific site presence, adaptive-responsiveness, fast loading designs with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and the ability to create Progressive Web Applications (PWAs).
  • Mobile sites created on the Milestone CMS can achieve high speeds on Google's Page Speed tests.
  • While PWAs are also utilized for desktop websites, they take the mobile environment to a new level. The PWAs act and look like mobile applications but are browser-based, so there's no downloading, updating, or management of another app. PWAs allow your business to communicate and send push notifications to visitors.
Empower your brand with cutting edge technology that helps you succeed!
Creative UX Design and Search Driven Content with Milestone CMS

Creative UX design and search-driven content

Visual design and the quality of the textual content are crucial to the user experience on your website. Milestone's UX designers and content marketing experts, in synergy with our CMS software, ensure that your business is found and delivers unmatched user and buyer experiences that drive engagement and conversion.
Milestone utilizes up-to-date user experience best practices to help visitors find their answers and buy your products in as few clicks as possible. Careful integration of visual, interactive, and information design means that your pages are easy to scan, fast loading, and contain messages and actions that support your goals.
Automated Event Calendar Feed in Milestone CMS

A CMS platform with event calendar feeds to increase awareness

  • Hotel, travel, retail, hospital, dental clinic, and many other business sites benefit from having calendars updated with relevant local events.
  • Milestone Inc. has created an automated Event Calendar Feed that picks up data from several local data feeds and automatically populates the site's calendar.
  • Often companies need to show dates and times of shows, concerts, festivals, events, or listings of local presentations techniques.
  • Events are linked to respective pages on your site and automatically generated and populated with the relevant schema.
  • Not only does this provide more information for users, but Google and search engines give a higher value to a large population of pages of regularly updated local content.
Are you ready to increase your visibility? Contact us to learn how we can help you.
Manage Content, Images and Other Entities with Milestone CMS

Manage content, images, and entities easily

The Milestone CMS is designed for fast content, text, and image creation. Our CMS is easy to use and update by non-technical users with easy-to-use tools, previews, and a mobile view. We have thought of every angle to make your job easier to create, enhance, and optimize your website content to increase your digital presence. Seamlessly created and customized CMS features such as:

  • Photo and video galleries
  • Forms for RFPs for vendors
  • Banners and popups
  • Signups to email lists
  • Adding FAQs with schema
  • Open Graph tags for site content shared on social media.
  • Landing pages for pay-per-click search campaigns that can be automatically generated from ad copy.
  • A/B testing of alternate page elements for picking the most effective UX, features, and structure.
  • Personalization technology for directing the right offers, banners, or customized content at targeted demographics.
  • Automated response detection to present offers as visitors are about to leave your site.
  • Automatic reminders for users who leave a shopping cart with an item to be purchased.
Built ADA Compliance and Conformance Websites with Milestone CMS

Built-in ADA compliance and conformance

The Milestone CMS is designed to create websites that are compliant with the latest ADA web accessibility guidelines. Milestone will add compliance features to accommodate privacy regulations, such as the European Union's e-Privacy Regulation or federal privacy act in the U.S.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1
  • European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
Milestone CMS - Analytics and Insights to Measure Digital Performance

Business analytics and insights measure the digital performance

You can't manage what you can't measure, so the Milestone CMS built-in analytics tool measures your digital performance across your website for you. Traffic, engagement, and conversion analytics from your site are integrated within Milestone Analytics, where all your online KPIs live - website and social media performance, online revenue, digital marketing campaigns, search engine PPC campaign results, analytics, email, and phone tracking, and more.

Fast, real-time content distribution and security with Milestone CMS

Fast, real-time content distribution and security

Get fast and always-on access to your website content through our managed site hosting, use of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), and high-end security infrastructure. Our platform gives your site 24/7 monitoring and security and real-time content creation and updates.
  • Managed site hosting on a central cloud platform, with 24/7 monitoring
  • A high-end security infrastructure that protects your site from attacks
  • Utilization of Content Delivery Networks for rapid delivery of content without regard to geography
Milestone's CMS offers advanced SEO technology built into the platform with faster speeds, AMP, schemas, indexability, and crawlability of the website can result in better organic search presence leading to an increase in revenue and leads.
Milestone platform offers the lowest total cost of ownership, with all the essential components to run a single package website. All so you don't have to worry about security, speed, technical SEO, or hosting infrastructure.
Milestone provides a SAAS model CMS responsible for hosting, CDN, security, and network infrastructure. We enable you to focus on your business and not worry about IT infrastructure. We leverage the investments across our thousands of websites and lower the total cost of ownership.
With an open-source CMS platform, security and hacking are significant challenges. Typically, technology advancements in mobile, speed, schemas, voice search, ADA, etc. are your responsibility, which requires significant engineering resources and capital. Milestone brings all the innovations to the platform so that you don't have to invest in technology for your website. Overall, saving you time and money.
Milestone CMS - Generate Highest ROI With Immediate Traffic and Revenue

CMS features that bring the highest ROI

When you migrate your website to the Milestone CMS, you have a better chance of increased traffic, leads, and revenue because:
  • Built-in SEO for optimizing search results.
  • Built-in schema features
  • Strategic visual and informational designs to make it easy for users to find what they are searching for.
  • A/B testing to determine what designs, messaging, visuals, or call to actions work best, as well as responsive measures such as customized offers after cart abandonment
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